Cutting Optimization Pro



Cutting Optimization Pro is a computer program used for cutting optimization of glass, wood, metal and other materials.




            - 1D and 2D optimization in the same program.

            - Guillotine cuttings (from one side to the other of the material).

            - Non-guillotine cuttings (the cutting machine can follow the shape of the pieces to cut).

            - 2-stage guillotine optimization.

            - Statistics related to the current optimization.

            - Statistics are shown in tables which can be exported to Word and Excel.

            - Diagrams as tables.

            - Any number of pieces in DEMAND and REPOSITORY.

            - Pieces can have any length less than 1 billion units.

            - Automatic maintenance of the REPOSITORY.

            - Possibility to define complex products (such as table, desk, cupboard, locker, book shelf etc).

            - Automatic tool for extracting the components based on the external dimensions.

            - Handling extra components (screws, hinges, latches etc)

            - Edge banding definition and manipulation.

            - Printing the cuts for using them with a CNC machine.

            - Storing information about clients.

            - Graphical display (black-white or colour) and in text mode of the obtained results.

            - Printing the obtained results.

            - Vertical printing and displaying labels and numbers.

            - Printing the DEMAND and the REPOSITORY of the customer.

            - Printing adhesive labels.

            - Automatically computing of the sheets price.

            - Very fast running time (The solution is obtained within seconds).

            - The DEMAND and the REPOSITORY can be sorted.

            - The DEMAND can be exported/imported to/from Excel, Word, HTML and XML files.

            - The REPOSITORY can be exported to Excel and Word files.

            - Shortcuts for speeding up the data input.

            - Multi-language interface. Currently 9 languages are supported.




Cutting Optimization Pro is produced and distributed by S.C. Optimal Programs S.R.L.



Cutting Optimization Pro is protected by the copyright laws.



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