About products


There are 2 types of products: Simple and Complex (v4 only).






For instance you have a model of a desk which contains:


1 piece of 1000x500

1 piece of 300x456

3 piece of 560x467


1 bar of length 1000

5 sticks of length 600


3 screws

4 hinges

1 latch



All this information is added when you define a simple product.


If a customer wants this product you don't have to add again (one by one) pieces to DEMAND. You only have to press the menu Products | Add Simple Products to DEMAND and the program will do the job for you.






For complex products the case is similar, but a more general one. The purpose of the complex products is to offer the possibility to the user to define the size of the pieces based on the external size of the product.


For instance: you have aveti un model of desk, but some clients want a bigger desk and other want a smaller desk, ..., depending on the size of the space where they want to place it.


Suppose that the customer want a desk with the external size of Length x Width x Height = 1000x500x2000 (these are the external sizes). based on this sizes (also called variables) and based on some exact formulas from the product definition, the program will tell the exact size of the pieces that enter into that product.


In this case the rectangles that enter in the definition of a product are not anymore real or integer numbers (as in the case of simple products) but some complex mathematical formulas which are defined based on some variables.



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