Grain direction


Some materials (such as wood) have a particular direction for grain. You would want to cut your demand with a specific grain direction.


For this purpose do the followings:


1. Enter the Repository pieces (the sheets) with the Length parallel with the grain direction.


2. Enter the Demand pieces (the parts) with the edge, that you want to be parallel to the grain direction, as Length. The other size - which should be perpendicular on the grain direction - would be the Width.


3. Do not allow rotation for the demand piece. DO NOT check the Rotation column.


In this way demand pieces will be cut as you have enter them and the grain will have the expected direction.




Repository piece: 3000 x 2000, grain direction is parallel to the length (3000).

Demand piece: 500 x 600. You want the grain direction to be parallel with the 600 size.


The input data should be:




600   500   1   WOOD   Not_checked .......




3000   2000   1 WOOD ....



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