How to use



Data are introduced in DEMAND and REPOSITORY. Take care to the grain direction if you work with wood.


Press the button Start from the top-left side of the desktop. The search process could take from seconds to minutes depending on the algorithm's parameters and on the power of the computer where the program is running. The search advance is printed in the bottom side of the window. The search process can be stopped at each moment by pressing the button Stop.


At the end of the search process the program will print the optimal layout of the sheets.


If you are not satisfied with the obtained solution you can increase the Optimization Quality and then you have to press the button <Start> again. At each new press of this button one could obtain a new solution.


At the bottom part of the desktop the information about the used surface and about the waste are printed.


If the current order requires multiple sheets from the DEMAND, then multiple windows will be printed and you can switch between them by using the buttons available at the top of the layout.


If the button Accept is pressed the following operations are performed:


1.         The used sheets/pieces will be removed from the DEMAND.

2.         All used sheets/pieces will be removed from the REPOSITORY.

3.         The sheets obtained after cut will be inserted into the REPOSITORY.


The obtained results can be printed by clicking the button Print from the right side of the screen.


The image can be saved by clicking the button Save Image from the right side of the screen.




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