Installation and Registration





            Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98 or higher. Tested on Win NT 4.0, Me and XP.


            Disk space for installation: 4 Mb.


            RAM: 64 Mb or larger.


            Processor Speed: No lower limit, but the speed of the processor will directly affect the speed of the program.



How to install?


            Run the cuttting.exe program and follow the instruction on the screen. The setup program MUST BE RUN from in Administrator account.


            After installation you have to choose an Working Directory from menu Settings. In this directory the REPOSITORY and other files will be stored. The user working with the program must be able (have rights) to write in this directory.


            You may also choose the Language for the interface by pressing menu Settings | Language.




For registration click the menu Registration from the main menu of the program. The following window will appear:




You must send us by email the Name and the Computer Code (which depends on the computer that you are working on). Two different computers will have 2 different computer codes. You cannot use the same code for multiple computers.


            After paying the registration fee you will receive the Registration Key by email only.


            The program must be registered from the administrator account. If you work with Vista please right click the icon of the program and choose Run as Administrator option.




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