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           Draw Line Thickness - Thickness of the pen used for drawing the layouts.

            Font size - The size of the font used for printing the length and the width of the sheets.

            Show size of pieces - Shows the sizes of the pieces on both printed and displayed diagrams.

            Show size of wastes - Shows the sizes of the wastes on both printed and displayed diagrams.

            Show edge banding - Shows the edge banding material on both printed and displayed diagrams.

            Show total cutting length - Shows the total cutting length on both printed and displayed diagrams.

            Save backup Repository - Automatically saves the Repository in the Backup directory. The format for saving data is debitare_year_month_day_hour_min_sec.xtx.

            Ask Confirmation for Saving Repository - When the Repository was loaded from an Excel file a confirmation message could (or not) be displayed if the Repository needs to be saved.

            Colour pieces and wastes - if checked the pieces and wastes will be filled will various colours.

            Groups identical layouts - if there are multiple 1D or 2D layouts which are identical, they will be grouped. In this case a special label with the number of repetitions in displayed on the current layout.

            What to show on each piece - For 2D pieces the following information can be displayed:

                                   - Full information - on a piece will be displayed: size, label, edge bands.

                                   - Piece index - only the index of each piece will be displayed. This will help the rapid identification of the piece if you press the button the Diagram.

            How to display/print edge bands? - the user may choose to print either the name of the band or colour line. In this case each band material MUST have associated a colour

            Thickness of line for edge band drawings - If the user has chosen to print the bands as colours, this parameter will specify the thickness of that line. It is given in percent (%) from the height of a character.


            Company name - The name of your company as it appears on the adhesive labels.


            Default - This will restore the initial values for the parameters, including other settings for the layout of windows. The current settings will be lost.




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