Measurement units



Cutting Optimization Pro uses an measurement system which is problem independent.


The user must input the data in the using the same measurement system for all data.




            If you decide to use millimetres you must input all the data in millimetres:

                        Length and Width of the sheets in REPOSITORY.

                        Length and Width of the sheets in DEMAND.

                        Cut thickness

                        Minimal useful width

                        Minimal Width Breakage



Numerical Example - Values in millimetres




                        3210 x 2250

                        2360 x 1900




                        540 x 590

                        490 x 1030

                        780 x 690



            Cut thickness 1

            Minimal useful width 20

            Minimal Width Breakage 200


Numerical Example - Values in meters



                        3.21 x 2.25

                        2.36 x 1.90




                        0.54 x 0.59

                        0.49 x 1.03

                        0.78 x 0.69



            Cut thickness 0.001

            Minimal useful width 0.02

            Minimal Width Breakage 0.2




All dimensions must be less than 1 billion in the case that you work with integer numbers. If you work with real numbers you are not allowed to input more than 9 digits for a number. In the case of real numbers all these are multiplied with a scale factor in order to work with integer values only. The result must be less than 1 billion.




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