Printing the results



Press the button Print from the toolbar which is found in the top-right part of the main window. The print dialog will be displayed on the screen:


For 2D pieces the following information can be printed:


- Full information - on a piece will be printed: size, label, edge bands.

- Piece index - only the index of each piece will be printed. This will help the rapid identification of the piece if you print the Diagram as table.


Other options:


            Pattern for printer - The character which is used for filling the waste in the case or printer drawing.

            Sheets per Page - The number of 2D sheets which are printed on a printer page. It can be 1, 2, 4 or 6.


            Diagrams can be printed as tables too. For achieving this the user has to check the option Print Diagrams as tables.


By pressing OK a new printer-settings window will be displayed.



You can print:


- All the results (all sheets and statistics)

- only some results (between x and y). The first page has index 1. The index of the statistics pages starts with number of sheets + 1.

- only the current page (sheet or statistic).



The number of sheets that can be printed on a printer page can be specified from the menu Settings | Interface From there one can specify the character which is used for filling the waste rectangles. If not character is specified the program will print an "*" in the middle of the waste rectangle.




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