Technical constraints



In the case of 2D optimization the sheets to be cut must be rectangular.


The sheets from the DEMAND can be rotated with 90 degrees if necessarily or in the case that this decision improves the cutting performance. Rotation has no effect in the case of 1D optimization. Take care to the grain direction if you work with wood.


There are 3 types of cuttings that this program can do: guillotine and non guillotine (nested).


- Guillotine cuttings (from one edge to the other). The cuttings are parallel to the axes of coordinates as can be seen from the example below:



- Non guillotine (nested) cuttings. A given rectangle can be extracted without supplementary cuttings (as in the case of guillotine cuttings). Cutting machines with laser, flames, water jets can perform non-guillotine cuttings as can be seen below:


- Multi-stages Guillotine. Only horizontal (vertical) cuttings are performed in the first step and only vertical (horizontal) cuttings are performed in the second step and so on.




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