Manual arrange after optimization

Cutting Optimization Pro lets you to manually arrange pieces with the mouse. This operation can be done after the optimization step.

This feature is very easy to use, the only required device being the mouse. The quality of the results can be improved by manually arranging the pieces.

The following operations are permitted:

- Moving the pieces from one place to another. A piece can be moved only of there is enough room in the new position.

- Adding new pieces.

- Deleting the existing pieces.

- Changing the direction of existing cuttings.

- Rotation of a piece.

You cannot manually arrange a sheet after it was accepted (by pressing the Accept button).

In what follows we will describe how each feature works.

Moving pieces

Press and keep pressed the left button of the mouse on the piece to be moved. Move the piece by keeping the mouse button pressed and then release it in the new position. The piece will automatically arrange its position so that it will meet the constraints imposed by the guillotine cuttings. In the new waste rectangle the moved piece will be placed in that corner which is the nearest from the to-left corner of the moving piece as shown in the following picture:


- Right click on a waste rectangle where you want to insert the piece. A new popup window will appear on the screen displaying the message: "Insert piece".

Click on the message. A new window will be displayed where you are asked to enter information about the size of the new piece.

Inserted piece will be added to the PARTS table.


Right click on the piece that you intend to delete. A small popup window will be displayed showing the message "Delete piece". The corresponding piece will be deleted if you click that message.


- Move the mouse over the cut whose direction you want to change. You will see that the cut will change its colour. Right click on the cut. A new popup window will be displayed showing the message "Break cut".

The cut will change its direction if you click the message. The effect of changing the cutting direction is the following:

In both cases you must click the cut which has blue colour in our picture. The right click operation must be performed near to the switching point.


- In some cases it is useful to rotate a piece within a sheet. For doing the rotation please press the left mouse button on the piece to be rotated. Then (by keeping the left button clicked) please click the right button too. This combination will rotate the piece by 90 degrees (if this is permitted).

NOTE: Manual arrange is not available yet for non-guillotine cuttings.


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