Q1. I get "Class not registered" message. What does it mean?


            A1. Some parts of your program are not registered within your system. There are several possible causes for this message:

                        a) You are either trying to run the program from the .zip archive.

                        b) Some files are missing from your installation kit.

                        c) You accidentally unregistered that part.


To fix this problem do one of the followings.

                        a) Unzip all files in a specified directory and try to run the program from there.

                        b) Check if the file cut1dx_dll.dll is in the same directory with the main application (Real Cut). If you cannot locate the file, you should download the application again from our website: www.optimalprograms.com

                        c) If you've located the optimal1dx.dll file it means that is not registered. Please run the command "regsvr32 optimal1dx.dll" from the Windows Start|Run menu.



Q2. Can I use Real Cut 1D on multiples computers?


            A2. Yes, you can. But you have to pay additional license fees which can be obtained at a reduced price.



Q3. Why do I get the message "There are not enough pieces in the REPOSITORY"?


            A3. This message is generated because there are some pieces in the DEMAND which cannot be cut from the pieces which are currently in the REPOSITORY. A piece from DEMAND can be cut only from a piece from REPOSITORY which has the same TYPE and the same WIDTH.




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