Moving the data on another computer

By default the data are stored in the folder pointed by menu Settings | Working directory from the optimization program.

For moving the data from one computer on another computer, you have to move the content of this directory from the source computer to the destination computer.

The program MUST not run on any of the computers.

Files with xml extension contain information such as Repository (stock) contents, material types, etc.

Files with xml extension also contain the PARTS optimized by you.

Updating the program (to a newer version)

Updating the data is done automatically except some cases where the user has changed the default location of files or has used a beta version.

In the case that the new version does not find the old data, they must be searched manually.

The user has to locate the file which stores the stock (repository) (i.e. stock1d.xml) and to copy them in the new location (which can be found in the Settings | Working directory) menu. When the program is started it should load the data.

Attention! It is possible to have multiple files with the same name on the same computer it (due to the fact that the user has changed the working directory). The user must search for the latest version of the stock.


It is advisable to make copies of the files from the folder pointed by the Settings | Working directory for preventing their accidental loss.


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