Optimization settings

Accesed from Settings | Technical menu.

Cut thickness - The thickness of the cutting saw.

Minimal useful length - The pieces having the length less than this value will not be inserted in the Stock.

Precision - Number of digits after the decimal point.

Max pieces per bar - The maximum number of parts that can be cut from a bar.

Fractional values must be rounded to - All sizes and parameters given as imperial units are rounded by using this parameter.

Show the size of waste as fractional value - Waste is shown as fractional value instead of a real one with comma separator.

Limits for waste - Waste can be either greater than a value or smaller than value. Waste cannot be between those 2 values.

Price of bars - Price of bars is given either as price of entire bar or as price of unit of a bar.

Minimize - The program can optimize total waste or total price.

Optimization - Optimization level used by the approximation algorithm.


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